How Water-Based ink Technology is Changing the Food Industry

At a macro level, food packaging is subject to extensive regulation, with risks in mind of food contamination, spoilage, foreign objects, and more. As a society, food production and packaging is a popular topic, whether it be treatments of chemicals used at the agricultural level, or cross-contamination during manufacturing, packaging, and preparation. Within this environment, we as industrial printers and packaging manufacturers are within the ripple effect, requiring us to deliver a high-quality product while protecting the consumer. 

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Schumacher Packaging Turns to Durst Single-Pass Technology

Durst, manufacturer of advanced digital production technologies, is successfully continuing the roadmap set for its business segment Durst Corrugated Packaging & Display Printing, which it established in 2016. Following successful installation of its Delta WT 250 multi-pass printing system with Durst Water Technology for a number of customers at the beginning of the year, Durst is now field-testing its flagship system, the Delta SPC 130. 

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Shifting the Packaging Sector Toward Digital Technology

Digital technology in the industrial printing industry has remained a buzzword, and its proliferation has been fierce, meaning those that lag in adoption will suffer real consequences in the marketplace. The rise of digital printing technology has provided advertisers and manufacturers alike with high quality, efficient results in printing, packaging, and display products. We’ve outlined the value propositions consistent with digital printing technology and their impact on the packaging sector, as well as industry trends.

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